At Garden Tapestry

we know the DOs and DON'Ts of care for plants in your office, business, or home.

Whether it's colorful blooming plants or lush tropicals, our experienced plant specialists will make your plants into living works of art.

How We Start

First we analyze your space—light, heating, AC, humidity, and any unique qualities of the space.

Then we'll propose a design theme and recommend specific plants and decorative containers to bring the design to life.

We can work with you or your architect or designer.

Soon enough, it's Installation Day!

Keep Them Lush and Vibrant

After installation our professional horticulturists provide TLC to your plants on a regular schedule.

Our team is detail-oriented. And we love working with plants and customers.

We take pride in our base of long-term satisfied clients.

Replacements Guarantee

If any plants in our care deteriorate, we guarantee replacements at our cost.

If a replacement is needed, we have plants of the same type and quality in our large inventory.

We replace rapidly. The result: excellent appearance at all times!

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