About Garden Tapestry

Founded in a basement in Seattle in 1995, Garden Tapestry started as a one-woman company servicing plants in Seattle. Since then, the staff has grown to a dozen full- and part-time employees who provide quality interiorscape services in cities and towns along I-5 from Olympia to Everett.

Founder Virginia Powers has a lot of years (she won't say how many!) in the interiorscape industry and she sets a high standard for service in every customer interaction.

Our Staff

Many of Garden Tapestry's staff have education in related fields, such as design and horticulture.

Most of the staff have years of experience in the interiorscape industry—some of them more than twenty years' experience.

All of the staff at Garden Tapestry have the training to deliver on Garden Tapestry's commitments to its clients.

Our Commitments to Our Clients

  • We will install only the highest quality plants into spaces that are environmentally appropriate for them.
  • We will care for those plants so that they always look fresh and healthy.
  • We will provde our clients the highest level of customer service.

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