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Garden Tapestry can make many herbs available in your garden year round, for example parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, tarragon, chives, lavender, and mint. In season you can enjoy basil, cilantro, dill, nasturtium, lettuce, and strawberries from your garden.

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How many times have you spent $6 or more for a one-ounce package of herbs? Sometimes only to use a small fraction in your recipe?
Food Network chef Robert Irvine calculates that that's $90 per pound. If you harvest three ounces of fresh herbs from your garden every two months for a year, the return on your investment is over $200!

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What's all the
buzz about
herb gardens?
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Imagine the joy... walking out to your terrace or patio and taking a pinch or handful of your favorite herb. Delight in the scent as you add the herb into your cuisine or use it as a garnish. Food tastes so much better when infused with the flavor of fresh herbs.
Even when you are relaxing rather than cooking, your herb garden provides visual appeal.

Some herbs subtly scent the surrounding air.
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Have Garden Tapestry provide both herb garden and urban veggie garden service. Then you can use your fresh herbs with your own fresh veggies bursting with flavor. Enjoy fresh greens in winter and ripe tomatoes in summer.
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When you let Garden Tapestry design, install, and maintain your herb garden, we do all the work and you get all these sense-stimulating benefits.
And the herbs you cook with are always organic!
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Have a tiny deck or patio? No problem! Let Garden Tapestry design the perfect herb garden and veggie garden to fit your space.